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Ana Carolina Miranda If you go during the holidays it will be crowded but being with the locals is an amazing experience.

Thuy Tourists, local villagers here are truly devils. Never make trip, buy, bargain, or even talk to them. Their evil smiles are for your pocket only; and remember that their groups can beat you to death.

Gina Castillo Go up by car, going by foot only makes you sweat and there is no landscape to see, only stores. Take the cars and the landscape is much better. Plus you get up in 15 minutes...by foot almost 1 hour!

Thuy Check carefully for brand and expiry date if you buy something here. All things here are fake brands and expired products.

Luís G. One of the most magical places I've been to.

Ana Carolina Miranda Do one way on the cable car for the view

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Khu Di Tích Chùa Hương

Xã Hồng Quang, Huyện Ứng Hòa, Hà Nội