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Natasha Mitter The atmosphere is just amazingly chill. The sort of place you'd want to spend a whole afternoon hanging out in. Really loving it.

Hozu Hoàng Dung Awesome design. Not just a coffee shop. It's also a gallery, Vietnamese museum.

Robin Allenson Superb coffee in a very relaxed atmosphere. Come here to work, watch the world go by and -- well -- just chill.

Alex Lobov Very cool place. Love the art on the walls and the window table.

Letnitskaya Vitaliya If you like Vietnamese coffee with milk, must try is bac xiu!! sooo goood here. my new love.

Joanne Schwartz Coconut coffee, or just black coffee. Both delicious. Great ambiance and awesome staff.

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Cộng Càphê

152Đ Triệu Việt Vương,Hai Bà Trưng,Thành Phố Hà Nội