Frequently asked questions
  • You need to register an account at the website  https://account.goong.io/login.
  • Generate key (Goong provides 2 types of keys, 1 type for map display and 1 type for APIs)
  • Integrate Goong maps or APIs according to your intended use - please refer to the integration documentation at  https://docs.goong.io
At Goong, there are the following forms and packages:
  • Use first, pay later: Immediately after registration, create a key, you can use the day service and do not need to pay any money. Traffic usage is 1000 requests/day, 30,000 requests/month and speed 5 requests/s
  • If the traffic of the postpaid package is not enough, you need to pay in advance 2, 5 or 10 million (Basic, Pro, or Business equivalent to 800, 2000 and 3000 requests/minute) to your account depending on the quota traffic you want. . This is a commitment to use the service depending on the flow by paying in advance to the account.
        This amount is not a monthly payment.
        This money will be used to pay your bills at the end of the month. If there is still excess, it will be charged to the next month. If you do not continue to use the service, Goong will refund this amount to you.
  • Sign a contract between two businesses. In case you need a very large or unlimited Quota, Goong and your business will sign a contract to use the service. The lowest cost of the contract is 5 million/month.
    When you create an account for the first time, you will have a free $100 to use the service. Only once and not monthly.
  • Maptiles Key: used to display the map view
  • API Key: used for the rest of the services
    Goong Services supports raising quotas at the request of customers.
    By default quotas will be 1000 requests/day for all services. And 5 requests/s for the same call-up IP address.
    Customers can create tickets to request account authentication, sign service contracts and raise quotas for API_KEY to use for Production.
    For customers using api calls from the server, they can provide IP ranges to limit use for some IPs as well as remove the limit of 5 requests/s for 1 IP address.