Looking to replace Google Maps API in your application? Try GOONG now, equivalent quality and reasonable cost
*Pay only for what you used
Maximum APIs requests/month: 30.000 | Maximum APIs requests/minute: 180 | Request Map load: 1000
A drop-in replacement for Google Maps APIs/ Platform in Vietnam
Take a look at below table to see how using Goong's API can help your company save operation cost.
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Accuracy of locations including suburban areas and villages is higher than Google map.
SLA performance
  • Direction: P95 < 200ms
  • Geocode: P95 < 150ms
  • Autocomplete: P95 < 200ms
Our Commitment availability Up-time is 99,99%. In 2021 and 2022 was 100%.
DC & DR located in Vietnam and Singapore to minimize risk.
Full code compatibility with Google API for easy integration, only end-point-url và key change necessary. APIs format the same as Google Maps.
APIs integration document.
Geocoding/ Reverse code
  • Converting a physical address or location into geographic coordinates, typically latitude and longitude.
  • The successful search rate for locations, addresses, is 91%. P99 requests to Geocode API was processed in less than 5 ms.
Routing/ Distance matrix/ Trip
  • Build for Vietnam market - Optimize and calculate individual routes for each type of vehicle.
  • APIs built to serve complex traffic information in Vietnam such as: hour ban for cars, one-way ban for cars, turning ban for cars
  • APIs Autocomplete - Suggest the right result even when incorrectly typed, abbreviated, or certain regional geographic names.
  • Data is built in detail down to deep layers such as columns in the airport, gates of shopping centers. (Google map not support).
Map View: Integrate maps into the website
  • Vector tile technology helps Goong display huge map fast, rotate or tilt the map with just one touch.
  • Supports multiple platforms: web, mobile with over 100 samples, helping developers integrate easily.
  • Our APIs can be used directly Goong map or Google map.
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Address Autocomplete and increase conversion with faster, easier checkout
  • Reduce friction and improve accuracy on your address forms with autocomplete.
  • Dramatically reduce the number of keystrokes needed to accurately fill out an address — especially on small mobile devices.
Enable customers to choose a precise location
Display a minimap for visual confirmation of an address and allow fine-tune adjustments that improve the delivery experience. Validated updates are incorporated back into our data pipeline, making future deliveries seamless.
Avoid delivery issues and returns by validating addresses
Be sure that addresses are valid and avoid costly mistakes. And have the option to save the address for future use, so that you can expedite repeat purchases.
Find the best driver for every delivery
  • After an order is received, our Matrix API can optimize the matching of delivery resources with actual delivery locations at scale.
  • Save up to 20% on fuel with our Trip API, route optimization with multi Destination+
  • Live visibility with real time tracking.