Current Situation of Natural Conservation and Management Alongside the development of the global economy, the devastating impact of human activities has seriously endangered biodiversity. Over recent decades, biodiversity depletion has occurred at an alarming rate worldwide, jeopardizing the existence of many species in the wild. The latest update of the IUCN Red List currently includes […]

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The technology of location tracking is understood as a set of technologies and methods used to determine the position of an object, device, or user in the space of the Earth. It allows for precise location determination through the use of sensors, satellite systems, mobile networks, or other technologies. Location tracking technology can rely on […]

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The online stores (dark stores) are gradually becoming a trend – opening up a new turning point for the retail chain – an ideal place that will make a significant step forward for this operation. Let’s explore this trend more deeply with Goong. The success of the “Dark store” model – (online shops) has emerged […]

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Climate change leading to rapid global warming and rising sea levels poses the greatest challenges for humanity today. Natural disasters are projected to increase and become more extreme worldwide, including in Vietnam. To proactively address disaster prevention and mitigation efforts, various monitoring, forecasting, and warning technologies have been applied. Among these, remote sensing technology – […]

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The administrative map plays an extremely important role for any country. It serves as a tool to determine the territory of a nation. Based on the administrative map, the state can formulate policies and measures to manage and protect the sovereignty of the country’s territory. Moreover, it is utilized by various levels and sectors for […]

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Goong updates location data for 02/2024 on a nationwide coverage system, the updated data is highly accurate and includes numerous new locations, providing customers with the most satisfactory experiences. At 00:00 on February 29, 2024, Goong updated a series of location data on its map system. With over 6 million existing locations, this update saw […]

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Recently, the issue of certain organizations using inaccurate map data, which seriously violate Vietnam’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, has sparked great concern across all social forums and among the Vietnamese people. This has also sounded a warning bell to the authorities, indicating the need for stricter management measures and stronger sanctions against these violations. Historically, […]

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BIC aims to become a leading and reputable non-life insurance service provider in the Indochina region. The decision to partner with Goong marks a significant step forward in BIC’s development. BIC and its strong development journey The Joint Stock Company for Bank Investment and Development of Vietnam Insurance (BIC) was established in 2006 through BIDV’s […]

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Tasks that used to seem traditional – along with the remarkable advancement of technology, have now completely transformed – bringing increasing convenience to our lives – ushering in the era of Housekeeping 4.0. Let’s join Goong to discover how developers have incorporated digital mapping into household assistant applications In the context of digitalization becoming an […]

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