Goong updates location data for 02/2024 on a nationwide coverage system, the updated data is highly accurate and includes numerous new locations, providing customers with the most satisfactory experiences.

At 00:00 on February 29, 2024, Goong updated a series of location data on its map system. With over 6 million existing locations, this update saw Goong adding over 10,000 new locations while validating and updating over 700,000 locations on the nationwide map.

With this update, Goong focused on validating and refining the most accurate positions of existing locations, minimizing discrepancies to the lowest possible level.

Over 10,000 new locations were added to the system, covering all 63 provinces and cities nationwide. The focus was on locations such as addresses within alleys, entrances and exits of residential areas, neighborhood positions in the outskirts of cities, and previously lacking addresses in rural areas.

All location data and traffic data will be continuously and regularly updated by Goong on a monthly basis to ensure high accuracy for all data on its system, meeting the needs of developers and users alike.

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