BE GROUP hợp tác cùng GOONG, Triển khai tích hợp Goong maps APIs vào hệ thống, gia tăng chất lượng dịch vụ, nâng cao trải nghiệm cho khách hàng và tối ưu chi phí.


BE GROUP, a start-up technology startup in the field of Technology Transport with two main ride-hailing services, Bebike (motorcycle) and Becar (taxi). Launched in the market in 2018, Up to now, along with increasingly perfecting the application as well as service quality, BE is now present in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, expanding into areas such as: Food delivery, delivery, flight booking services, e-wallets…. with the goal of making Be a daily application in Vietnam in the future.

With a strong growth momentum and towards the set goal, Be always emphasizes on improving service quality to increase customer experience, thereby having a steady and constantly increasing customer base. , gaining the trust of customers, that is the most core factor to help Be affirm its position as well as achieve its set goals in the future. Along with that, cost optimization is also an issue that needs attention.

To achieve the set goal, Be has chosen iMap as a companion, a strategic partner with the Goong digital map platform to integrate into its application platform. The perfect alternative to Google maps API, the same quality but only 1/3 of the cost. Vietnam map for Vietnamese people.


With the policy of building a technology transportation platform, finding a quality and suitable Maps API provider is considered a top important task. On the Maps API market in Vietnam at that time, it was mainly from foreign units such as google maps, mapbox, openstreetmap…. In terms of quality, it is not discussed, but these units block and limit a lot for Vietnamese users, and an issue that cannot be ignored is that the cost of these units is not low. . Therefore, the prerequisite for a startup at that time was to find a suitable supplier in both quality and price. At this time, the developers of Be decided to cooperate with Goong – this is also a big turning point for Goong to reorient its development and service direction.

So what did Be use and exploit with Goong’s API system? As with other transportation applications, what are the key requirements of Be?

  • Firstly, Be needs an API to most accurately determine the location of the user, when the user uses the app, to help them find the address and location quickly. That means that the location data warehouse must be detailed, complete and regularly updated, in this regard, Goong ensures 98% response.
  • Second, Calculating the distance between locations, giving an exact number to determine the cost, along with determining the driver at the location closest to the destination / need to go to choose Choose the right driver.
  • Third, the navigation API, guides the driver to the most optimal travel plan such as the shortest route, the road with the least obstacles, the road that is easy to move…
  • Fourthly, the map must show the most clear and intuitive way of the route and direction. Users and drivers can easily interact on the map such as rotate, tilt, zoom in, zoom out, move places on the map.

With all the requirements for these types of APIs, Goong fully meets and guarantees to meet 100% of the needs of Be. With increasingly improved API quality in terms of accuracy and high performance, Commitment to system availability is up to 99.99%, In 2021 and 2022 is 100%; The data warehouse is constantly updated, the location data is 7 days and the road data is 14 days. Goong is committed to accompanying Be, bringing the most satisfactory experiences to users.

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Along with the continuous development and growth, with Be’s goal of being present in 63 provinces and cities across the country, becoming a regular application in Vietnam, Goong will also constantly improve the quality of services, together with Be. closer to customers nationwide.

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