Privacy Policy

GOONG is an online offering to users ('you') voice satellite navigation service, send early warning on the go, support users to contribute information Real-time traffic information, and location sharing with everyone People. Our website and mobile app (collectively, “GOONG”) is owned and operated by by GOONG Team. By accessing the Website and our app, you confirm that you have read and understand this Privacy Policy. Policy on Privacy was last updated on September 22 2016. We may make changes to this Policy at Times vary, so please check often to keep up with all the updates

01. Limit

This Privacy Policy describes the policy in detail and our principles regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information about you We understand that providing information online needs a lot of trust from your side. We take this trust very seriously and give it priority High priority for ensuring the safety and confidentiality of information personal information that you provide to us when you visit Website or use our application.

02. Information We Collect

When registering to use the service, you need to provide us some personal information such as: full name, date, year birth, email address and some other information. We have may combine the personal information you provide with other information information other than the service or from third parties for analysis content that interests you. Every time you log in, system, Goong will automatically record your activity

03. cUse of Information

We use personal information of users to improve service quality and provide you with Latest news updated. We can use information your personal information in an investigation, research or analysis for operation and technical upgrade of the application. About In principle, we do not provide your personal information you to a third party, except in the following cases: You agree to We provide your personal information to third parties three.We believe that the provision of personal information by you to the third party is required. Ex: When obeying the requirements legal requirements, prevent crime, or protect national security family, or protect the personal safety of users or public, etc. The third party is the subject of full acquisition or a majority of the legal entity owned by us. Fish information personal is anonymous information about app visitors or We may share this type of information with third parties so they can learn about visitor types website and how they use the service.

04. Edit Or Delete Information

You can correct or delete personal information after logging in. However, this process can be interrupted at some point point due to system instability. We will try for you can continue to correct or delete information in time fastest but not responsible for any problem, any damage caused by the delay.

05. Information security

GOONG password protected account access of all member. However, we are not responsible for possible damages.

GOONG . Terms of Use
01. Regulations

The following rules for using the GOONG application (referred to as Rules) are established between you ("users of the application as an individual or an organization”) and service providers services ("GOONG" or "We"), you may only use the information and services GOONG provides on the website when agreed to agree to all terms in these “Regulations”. To use website, you should read these “Terms of Use” carefully kidney.

02. Terms of use

GOONG reserves the right to own all information and services provided superior to the application and website GOONG tries to ensure the accuracy, completeness of information, meet the item the customer's intended use. However, we do not have responsibility for the absolute accuracy of the information. Therefore, the information provided by GOONG is valuable for reference, but not for guidance or decision determined. You are solely responsible for the information extraction and use. You can only use internal GOONG's content and information are for your own use and are not intended for use business purposes, not commercialization. We recommend encourage users to correctly cite information sources news that you contribute to GOONG. GOONG is not responsible liability for interruptions, outages, loss or failure skewed data due to attacks by other individuals or organizations, nor responsible for technical problems during service provision. You must be responsible for yourself liability for loss or damage arising from the use of use of the Service or from the interaction between you and other users other uses. GOONG is not responsible for the information of websites linked to the address. the historian User shall be solely responsible for the use, disclosure, exploit and provide personal information… for these websites.

03. Use Restrictions

GOONG does not accept the use of the content of the website for the purpose of doing things contrary to Vietnamese law Male. The transmission of infected files is prohibited Viruses damage the operation of other computers. Prohibited acts of hacking, cracking, causing material damage as well as content of GOONG. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate service or your access to the service on the website if necessary

04. Chú Ý

GOONG is not responsible for claims of any party for matters arising from information you provided on GOONG and apps. From the fact that you violate the terms of use, your violation of the rights of people other, or your breaking the law. GOONG has the right to think review and change some parts, some points in the terms of use adapted to each particular situation and situation. Thing Amendments take effect as soon as they are published on the website Therefore, you should regularly check the content of the terms to properly exercise your right of use.

Terms of Use for All Software Versions GOONG

The following Terms of Use (referred to as the “Regulations”) contain can be considered as an agreement made between the customer (user as an individual or organization – referred to as you) and the service provider (“GOONG” or "We" ),. You can only use GOONG software when you have agree to all terms below. Please read this text carefully. To use the software, customers Buyer must agree that this document has the same effect as a document legal agreement signed between you and GOONG. This provision applies to the use of GOONG Vietnam software and pre-installed software in all other types of devices. If you do not agree with the terms clause in the regulations, please promptly delete, return the original complete software, complete equipment and accessories on site you buy.

01. Own

GOONG owns a digital database describing the transportation system in Vietnam and satellite navigation software. Software is a product the sole and exclusive rights of GOONG and its licensors, and We hold the copyright and other rights to the content content in software.

02. Permission to Use

GOONG grants you permission to use a copy of the software subject to provided it is downloaded and run on your computer or device only you. However, you are not entitled to receive an upgrade issue, supplement, update the software if it does not comply with some other additional terms

03. Limit

In addition to downloading software to the device for use or storage in accordance with the above, you are not allowed to change the technique, modify or crack the software. If the software is an upgrade granted, any assignment must include the new and previous versions. All rights are not mentioned in the rules are the sole rights of GOONG

04. Transfer

You may assign the software under this provision to a third party third party when you resell the device with pre-installed software GOONG and its accessories (provided they also agree comply with the terms and conditions in the regulations). If you transfer the software, you must assign it back to third party all copies or complete removal from your storage device whether it's in print or readable be on the machine.

05. Security

GOONG's navigation software includes trade secrets commercial, is the property of GOONG, therefore, when using, you agree to keep the software confidential, free of charge disclose or give the security key to anyone

06. Prohibited

We strictly prohibit the act of cracking software, playing distribute cracked versions or attempt to use them illegally France. If you are using the software without consent of GOONG, which means you are breaking the law and will be subject to take responsibility before the law for their violations