Goong maps API is officially integrated into Zalo system, opening a new cooperation agreement, helping to complete the sales channel on this platform.

With the outstanding development of technology, social networks have become a highly effective online sales channel. Accordingly, cross-platform business is becoming the leading trend. Based on this fact, Zalo has formed an online sales channel. On its system, Zalo allows to link brands and businesses to connect brands with users. Goong is the unit chosen by Zalo to integrate into its sales channel system.

Accordingly, Goong’s API maps are used by Zalo in the process of locating the location of the customer ordering and the location of the sales unit, from which to calculate the distance from the store to the location to be shipped. As follows:

Zalo will build a sales channel (zalo shop), allowing organizations and individuals with business needs to link their information and products to the platform. Enter the address and localize the location search. When customers have a need to buy products, just typing in the search will display information about that brand or store, allowing buyers to place orders quickly. After the shopping account puts the goods in the shopping cart to go to the checkout page, Goong will be applied to locate the location of this order account most accurately. Or in case the user enters another delivery location, Goong will assist in completing the quick search for the location. After determining the delivery location, it will be necessary to calculate the distance from the store to the delivery point to calculate the shipping fee.

In addition, in the case of purchases at chain stores, Goong will also support location recognition and suggest stores closest to the location to be delivered. Create the most favorable conditions for shoppers. For example, when searching for KFC on Zalo, buyers clicking on the order section will display a list of the nearest stores. After the buyer enters the full delivery location, choosing the right store will calculate the distance between the two points, based on the most suitable route. Accordingly, the store will calculate the shipping fee for the order.

According to Mr. Quan, representative of information technology and product development department of Zalo, said: “Incorporating Goong maps API into the application in our product is an optimal choice, Goong maps API at the moment. currently has been and is becoming an effective alternative to google maps API. Overcoming limitations when using google maps API such as complicated payment (must pay through a third party), and another reason is that the location data in Vietnam on google maps is not updated regularly leading to shortages and some errors, especially in the suburbs of cities and in rural areas. And an even more important reason, google is currently restricting and blanketing the use of google maps API, forcing not only zalo but also all other software and application developers to find alternative solutions. With quality service and reasonable price, Goong maps API is the solution that Zalo chooses.

With its strength in providing all kinds of APIs in search, positioning, distance calculation as well as navigation, it is proved that there are many partners in the service business on various platforms. Online selection and attachment, Goong believes that it will accompany Zalo to bring users the most satisfying experiences, along with bringing practical values and benefits, creating a modern community. , civilized on social networking platform of Vietnamese people. Learn about Goong at: