KiotViet and the optimal solution for sales management system

KIOTVIET is known as the most popular sales management solution today. With specialized solutions for different industries, Kiotviet supports users in optimizing their sales management system, making it easier to manage and sell more effectively. It allows sellers to synchronize multiple sales channels on one interface.

With rapidly changing consumer shopping habits, sellers must quickly adapt and expand their sales systems across multiple platforms. Therefore, a solution is needed to synchronize the management of multiple sales channels on the same system, making the management consistent and integrated. KiotViet effectively meets this requirement. This is also the key to making this software increasingly popular as a sales tool.

Goong has been chosen by KiotViet to integrate into its smart delivery solution in order to further enhance the user experience.

Goong is integrated to solve the delivery problem

Goong is integrated for searching and locating delivery positions.

To further expand the convenience for sellers, KiotViet has developed an additional smart delivery solution, linking with the most reputable transportation companies, helping users easily choose a suitable transportation service. Goong has been integrated into this process, supporting the system to pinpoint locations, search for locations, calculate the distance to the delivery point, and then calculate the transportation fee according to the quotation of each transportation company. Sellers will have the ability to compare and choose a suitable transportation company.

With a large and continuously updated database, combined with high accuracy even in rural and suburban areas, Goong supports the KiotViet system in quickly and accurately finding locations. Additionally, Goong also aids in storing and marking customer locations on the system.

Therefore, KiotViet users can efficiently sell products while managing shipping statuses on the same platform. This optimizes time and reduces operational costs.

With the aim of becoming a widely recognized technology solution provider for businesses across Southeast Asia, KiotViet is constantly improving and refining its product and service offerings. Goong is honored to be chosen by KiotViet as their partner in this endeavor. Goong is committed to continuously improving its products and services, delivering increasingly comprehensive map data and high-quality APIs. Together with KiotViet, we aim to provide the most practical value to our customers.

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