The application of digital maps to the retail chain is growing strongly in the market and is considered a future trend. Facing this trend, it requires individuals and businesses in this field to change their minds to bring more and more user-friendly experiences. In the Vietnamese market, many retail chains have caught up with the trend and applied digital maps to their business activities. Tocotoco Milk Tea Company has chosen Goong as a business partner, applying Goong’s API to its online business platform.

(Tea flavor comes from Vietnamese agricultural products)

Tocotoco cherishes the belief of creating a Made in Vietnam milk tea brand to reach the international level

Tocotoco officially launched the market in 2013, among many famous milk tea brands imported from abroad, Tocotoco chose for itself a different direction with the policy of using Vietnamese agricultural products to make drinks. Brand positioning is a “made in  Vietnam” milk tea company. After nearly 10 years of establishment and development, although starting at a slower pace than competitors in the same field, Tocotoco has made breakthroughs and outstanding development. This is evidenced by the fact that starting from a single store in 2013, the company now owns nearly 500 stores both at home and abroad, and still constantly covers and spreads all over the world. international market with chain stores in the US, Japan, Australia….

According to Tocotoco, in order to achieve such remarkable achievements, in addition to the core factor that is the quality and taste of drinks that make a difference, the business method and model is also one of the important factors. Top. Understanding that, in addition to the quality of drinks, customers also need an increasingly convenient and modern service, Tocotoco always appreciates the application of new technology in service style, towards the style of “Milk tea” new generation”. Goong and its Maps API system were selected by Tocotoco to integrate on Tocotoco’s online sales platform in the domestic market, helping customers have an easy and friendly experience on the website.

How has Tocotoco tea website applied Goong Map API to help customers easily use it?

Specifically, Goong is applied as follows:

Goong maps API is one of the services used by Tocotoco for its website “”. Applicable services:

  • Goong Map digital map displays sharp and professional
  • API to determine location, address, location for the store
  • API auto-suggest address, location
  • API for finding places of interest around orderers
  • API to find the way from the orderer’s location to the store

(Location and suggestion of the nearest store)

After integrating the service   Goong Maps API , customers accessing the Tocotoco Website and placing an order   will be suggested stores closest to the ordering location for buyers to choose from. This means that all stores in the Tocotoco system are marked on the map of Goong map. Buyers can optionally customize the order location on the map, Goong will also suggest the closest stores to that location. When the buyer completes the order, Goong will calculate the distance from the store location to the place of the order to calculate the cost. When the shipper begins to ship, Goong also displays the distance, navigating the driver to the most convenient route.

In addition, customers who have ordered online Goong will also support to save the correct address, the next time users can easily select the old address entered/selected.


In order for Tocotoco’s journey to build and develop an online sales platform to be successful and perfect, Goong has actively supported its Maps API service application business to become more and more user-friendly. . Through the above article, Goong is proud to be a supporting partner for Tocotoco’s success on its development path. Please confidently choose Goong Maps API to create a great ecosystem that brings satisfaction to your customers. GoongMaps is ready to accompany businesses to realize the dream of “Going international”. Contact us now: